Radiohead Fanpage Deep Dive

(aka... I like to steal images from old websites!)

I love to go on the old radiohead website archive and find old fanpages. It's really fun to pick them apart and find which links work, and what images work, too. I use a lot of assets from old fan pages on my website here, it's a mishmash of many things. Here are some choice ones I've found.

Drooling Looney Tunes

I highly enjoy the images on this website. So good in a way I can not describe. This seems like it was general website, with song lyrics and the like.

tacky webapge haha

Really good landing page.


No clue what this is

top modified bear


colin and ed chillin

Just a cute pic. :)

Radiohead + Colin Greenwood

I am dedicating an entire page to this website. Come look!

absolutely no clue what the fuck this is